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Rewrite Your Goals Daily

Why rewriting your goals are so important

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from reading and mentors, it is absolutely beneficial to rewrite your goals daily. What exactly do I mean by this?

We focus only on the end game..

Too often we write goals that are hard to reach, and far beyond what we can visualize. Often they are also the finishing line for us, and ultimately where we want to be. But what if we change our goals and break them down daily – to remind ourselves everyday that we are making good progress towards our end goal?

Before we began, if you’re trying to work towards something, you should always write your goals down. If you haven’t, that’s the first mistake! Find some time to yourself, think deeply, and write down everything you want to achieve (keep it realistic).

Let’s break it down:

1. Make your goals visible in your day to day life

How often have you written your goals, only to leave it for a year and stumble across it again for your next new year’s resolution? I am guilty.

We should be writing goals and having a system to remember them. For example, writing it on your phone, and setting reminders daily/weekly. Make it as visible as you can – I use a white board that I keep in my room, so I see my goals daily when I wake up and go to bed.

Other things you could do is carry a diary with you, stick it on your computer, use your bathroom mirror, whatever it takes!

Otherwise it is obvious. We will write it somewhere, forget about it for days and weeks. And you’ll start over. This cycle repeats itself indefinitely.

2. Review and rewrite your goals

This documents your journey and your progress towards the goal, rather than setting it. There’s a difference. It is always good to have a review – to see the progress you have made, mistakes, and the things you learn everyday.

By doing this you adjust on the new things you learn, and possibly even changing your end goal. Reviewing your goals can also serve as a source of encouragement/motivation, to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, and also to be grateful for the things we have.

You will find that over time, your goals will be sharper, more refined and becomes very specific. They become goals that are very possible to achieve, and all play out a big part towards your end goal. Imagine having constant reminders everyday, would that not inspire you more?

If you are unable to rewrite your goals daily, try to rewrite them perhaps every second day or few days. Build up this habit and you will become much more laser focused, and the goal you set may end up looking much easier than you imagined.

3. Having a plan and execution

This goes without saying, but setting goals without a plan is meaningless. Many people complain about not achieving their goals, yet they’re doing the exact same thing everyday!

Action needs to be taken, and a plan needs to be set out. Once you set your goals, develop a plan and execute it. This may sound like a lot of hard work, but hey – nothing in life comes easy.

Because in life, it is not about where we end up, but the journey towards it!

Stay humble,



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