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5 Habits That Will Help You Reach The Next Level Of Life

Habits define who you are as a person

What makes or break someone who is successful and someone else is barely making it through? Very simple, their habits.

If you look at any successful entrepreneur, athlete, parent, etc, you start to see a common trait. They somewhat share the same set of habits.

It makes perfect sense right?

You cannot reach your goals in life if you have bad habits. By no means I am saying you have to be perfect, but it really boils down to reflecting, acknowledging and making changes to habits that are potentially holding your inner greatness back.

I’ve started this journey about 6 months ago since late last year. After delving further into courses, mentors and books, it had only hit me how many bad habits I carried. And I still wonder why sometimes I don’t progress to where I want to be.

So here are the 5 habits I’ve learnt in my journey that helped me progress towards my goals.

1. Don’t procrastinate and wait for the perfect time

How often do you tell yourself you’ll do that one thing later – only to find yourself a few days, weeks and months at the exact same spot as where you were before, because the timing was not “right”? I’ve been there, too many times.

Procrastination is a habit that kills our productivity, ambition and stops us from moving to the next stage. And if there’s one thing I learn from mentors and readings, highly productive and successful people don’t procrastinate. It’s like the word don’t exist in their vocabulary.

So how do you stop procrastinating? As cliche and it sounds, just do it (thanks Nike). When you have an idea, a passion, don’t wait for the stars to align, don’t wait for someone to tell you to do it, just go and do it. The worst that can happen? It simply fails, and you learn from it.

Or would you rather wait for another year to go by – only to wish that you had started earlier?

2. Develop a habit of reading and learning

If you are serious about changing your life, start by being eager to learn, as much as you possibly can. Even for myself, I never imagined I’d be the type to read.. but now, I get so excited when I’m buying or reading a new book (if you know me it’s very ironic). Sometimes I laugh at myself for this.

Books are by far the best way to start your journey. You get so much knowledge, wisdom and value from a small item that only costs you the price of a meal (or less). And when you start to read, you begin to realize and understand different perspective of things.

Remember to always stay humble, and be ready to absorb knowledge from someone who is more experienced and knowledeable than you.

If you’re interested in the first ever book I got recommended to read, you can click HERE to find out more!

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune”.

3. Surround yourself with battery chargers

No, I’m not talking about electrical batteries. Rather, people that will charge you up, inspire you, and push you to achieve your goals. It’s time to say goodbye to battery drainers – people that mock you, people that have bad habits, and overall people who will stop you from reaching your goals.

If you don’t have many “battery chargers” in your life, it’s time you go out and find some! And you may even realize why you have your bad habits in the first place, because ultimately – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with”.

I know this can be very hard, as sometimes, the people you care about most don’t understand what you’re trying to do – but with good intention. You don’t have to cut off your close friends, family, colleagues. Be wise and listen to them if they speak positivity, otherwise learn to ignore and be selective of all things that drain your battery. I’m here to charge you up as well!

4. Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses

And we sometimes wonder why people fail at school, work, etc. No one person is the same. One of the biggest mistakes is when you try to be good at something you’re naturally not good at. You spent hours and hours learning, practicing and trying only to be mediocre at best.

It is a common misconception to try to be good at something – just because majority of people are good at it, or it is something of the norm. I believe so. Some people might tell you your “strength” will not benefit you in the future – but what do they know? Learn to embrace it, as it was given to you as a gift.

Whereas you can spend 30 minutes a day working on your strength – and be amazing at it. What is one thing you love doing? What is your passion?

Naturally, those are your strengths. You are unique to that ability, whether it’s starting a business, writing, cooking, the list goes on.

Work on it, love what you do, and you won’t have any idea how many people you’ll inspire by doing what you’re so passionate about. The sky is the limit.

5. Learn to document and be accountable

At the end of the day, action speaks louder than words. We can say as much as we want, and prove how much we know to someone else. But what is the point if we don’t show a good example of what we say?

Write down your goals, in fact, write and re-write them daily. I wrote a short post about it before HERE, so be sure to read it for more in-depth detail.

Be accountable for what you’re trying to achieve, as the only one stopping you is going to be yourself. Truth is, YOU are your worst enemy.

Write down everything you learn, mistakes you made, document your progress. The end goal becomes much more clearer, as it also provides us with a source of motivation to where we currently stand.

So that’s it. Those are the 5 habits that really helped me with my journey. There are many more, but I figured these are the main ones we should start with. Hopefully you’ve learnt a thing or two!


  • Habits define who you are as a person
  • We need to get rid of our bad habits and start developing good habits
  • These are the 5 habits that have helped me progress
  1. Don’t procrastinate and wait for the perfect timing
  2. Develop a habit of reading and learning
  3. Surround yourself with battery chargers
  4. Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses
  5. Learn to document and be accountable
Stay humble,

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