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Change is Needed in Order to Improve, Grow and Evolve

This is a guest post by my good friend Emmanuel from Everylittlebitcounts! Be sure to check him out!

Change is Needed in Order to Improve, Grow and Evolve

Some of us avoid it, others embrace it but whether we like it or not, change is is necessary in order to improve, grow and evolve.

Most of us get comfortable where we are that when the opportunity arises and change is upon us, we get scared. Doing anything that is different than what we are used to, terrifies us. Whether it is changing jobs, exercising daily, changing our eating habits or dependencies, if we want to improve, change needs to happen.

One year ago

A year ago, I made a decision I thought I would not have to make and one I thought would never happen. I got headhunted to work for the competition.

After working for two and a half years with the same colleagues, they became my second family. In fact, I saw them more than your actual family. Saying goodbye was tough and something I never envisioned.

When the competition headhunts you, you take it as a compliment, especially when they’re possibly the top real estate appraisal firm in Canada with endless resources and growth opportunities. No disrespect to my former employer as I grew and learned a lot while I was there (and this opportunity would not have presented itself).

With future personal goals and plans, I made the decision and changed company. Was I scared? Of course! But I knew it was a decision I had to make that would benefit me.

I am glad I made the jump

Before going into real estate, I worked for a financial institution. I was comfortable there and when I got the opportunity to work in real estate, I was scared as well. In the beginning, I wondered why I left a place I was so comfortable in with co-workers who had become my friends.

I enjoyed my time working for a financial institution and I learned a lot but with time I realized I made the right decision. I had no regrets. The same can be said this time around. I knew leaving for the competition would not be easy but a year later I’m glad I took that step.

Technology is rapidly changing as well

At the end of 2015, my dad got an iPad because the newspaper he reads stopped producing and distributing paper copies. The only reason he got an iPad was to read the newspaper.

At first, he was not very happy. But now, just over two years later, he loves his iPad. He enjoys reading his daily paper on his tablet. He discovered many iPad functions, carpentry videos on YouTube (he is a retired carpenter), Google and other online resources. Looking back, he is happy about the change. He learnt something new and evolved with technology.

Change can be scary

Change can be scary yet necessary. Playing soccer in my teenage years, I was given a different coach every year (with different teammates). At first I did not enjoy it because I had to adapt to each one’s coaching style but looking back, I learned and grew (both as a person and player). Sure I had some coaches I enjoyed more than others but each one taught me something important. Imagine having the same coach and never growing. Changing coaches can be scary since you get comfortable but by experiencing how each one trains you, you learn, grow and evolve.

The same can be said in school. Every semester you are given a different teacher. This allows you to see and learn from each teacher’s teaching style and which one you like most. Take the positives from each teacher and move on.


Change does not have to be big

Do not do drastic changes all at once in your life. If you are unhappy with your body and start exercising more, start with 30 minutes a day a few days a week rather than doing one hour every day.

If you buy your lunch every day and need to change your spending habits, start by bringing your lunch two days a week. Slowly but surely with time, you will notice bringing your lunch five days a week was not so hard as when you first started.


  1. Change is inevitable. It is the only way one can grow and evolve;
  2. Make the jump. If an opportunity arises, take it. At first you will be scared but with time, things will improve and you will be glad you took the leap;
  3. Change does not have to be big. Start small and work your way up.
Hope you all enjoyed reading Emmanuel’s post. Visit his blog Everylittlebitcounts for financial advice and everyday motivation! Check him out on instagram too @everylittlebit.counts!

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  1. Very nice guest post, I enjoyed it a lot. I definitely agreed with a lot of the points, you got to make that jump.

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