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The Importance Of Rest

Understanding and knowing the importance of rest

Sometimes life can be so caught up in the “busy” that we forget to take rest. But we need to know the benefits and importance of rest.

Part of the journey I’m going through, or anyone in the matter, will require frequent rest . We can be so focused on our ambitions, priorities and other things that we forget to look after ourselves.

Resting doesn’t mean you do nothing, but it’s rather a life skill we must master. Resting does not make ONE lazy. There are many reasons and benefits to why you should rest, and I’d like to share a few here.

We were created to rest

If you think about it, it is impossible for humans to not rest. If you believe in the bible, even God rested on the seventh day after he had finished all the work he was doing. Although there are many reasons to rest, they all have equal value.

Naturally, we rest when:

  • We feel tired
  • Being overwhelmed by too many things
  • We finished some work and feel like we deserve it
  • We want to get away from things
  • ..list goes on

What is the outcome for resting from reasons above? Pretty simple I think – we feel re-energized and ready to get back into action!

Make resting a habit

However, I believe that instead of taking rest from above reasons, REST should be made a habit. People tend to only take rest when they feel exhausted, or when they need it. For example, Rest needs to be done when we’re not tired or swamped, but we need to use it to our advantage to improve our happiness, productivity and health.

That’s why I personally don’t believe in the saying “Hustle 24/7”. It doesn’t make any sense.

There is a science to rest. It’s a common misconception that resting is synonymous to “taking a break”, treated as if it’s a downtime to pull away from things, like a temporary avoidance. I’m currently reading a book by Alex SooJung-Kim Pang, it’s called “Rest – why you get more done when you work less” (Will plan to do a review on this one later on). And it puts a whole new perspective onto rest.

I really like this sentence from the book – “Downtime isn’t in conflict with good work; rather, it’s an essential ingredient of it”.

Benefits of rest

Rest not only re-energizes us, but it also boosts our creativity, state of mind, productivity levels, health and happiness. Did you know that the most successful and productive people in the world take frequent rest throughout the day? They do it because they understand that rest is essential in their day to day life.

I love this one, and that’s rest stimulates your creativity. When you’re doing work, your mind is focused on completing certain tasks, which is very process driven (mostly). When we rest, we have freedom of mind, to think of new ideas, imagine things and ultimately spark your creativity.

How often have you found yourself thinking or coming up with something amazing, when you’re in the shower, or when you’re simply resting? Most great ideas come from the state of rest. You DO NOT think of these opportunities when focused on other things, as your mind is too caught up in the act.

Your body will appreciate you more. When you rest more often, you will start to understand and appreciate the notion of your body. Do you realize, when you only rest when required and go back to “work” after, you become miserable again(I will admit this)?

When we rest more, we keep our state of mind and body happy. We start to appreciate these moments that we have, and it boosts our happiness levels.

What do you mean by resting?

Another misconception, but when I say rest, I do not mean simply lying down or doing nothing. There are many ways to rest, and I believe one of the best ways to rest is to do the things you love. Why do you think so many like to go on holidays? Traveling as a hobby a is one thing, but it’s also a form of rest.

People want to take a break from their jobs, go on a career break, etc. That is one form of rest.

Rest by doing the things you love, and you’ll find yourself in a much better place – art, music, writing, reading, playing games, options are endless.

I’m at a constant reminder during this journey to take frequent rest, and to not be burnt out. Know the importance of rest, and enjoy the journey.

Stay humble,

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