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Guest Post: Passive Income by Chaitanya Sammeta

Everyone doesn’t need to do their 9-5 jobs to earn money. The intelligent will retire at an early age and still make more money than those who have a daily job.

Your 9-5

Everyone wants to make money. Most of the people depend on their 9-5 jobs to earn a living. People get exhausted from this kind of work. Weekends are the only time where they can enjoy their life. Some jobs don’t even allow them to enjoy the weekend. You have to work for years in this 9-5 job to earn a lot of money. A lot of money means the state where you can have everything you wish for.

I believe there are a lot of other ways to earn money despite your 9-5 job. Here is how:
  1. One of them is value investing. You can invest in stocks to earn money, but to do that you require a good amount of money and knowledge. Investing in stocks is an easy process but you have to look for the right options in the market.
  2. Blogging is another way. In my view, blogging is the best way to earn a lot of money but you have to spend almost an hour a day on blogging. Then you can enjoy the remaining 23 hours left of your day. The investment is very low at around 3$ per month.
How do you make money from blogging?

I know that a lot of people have this doubt. Most of the people don’t even believe when I say you can make money from blogging. But this is true! You can really make a lot of money from blogging but it takes time.

When you post something on your blog, make sure to put advertisements on your page. There are a lot of options like Google AdSense and Chitika. This allows you to put ads on your blog. When people read your post, you get money because you have ads on that post. The more number of followers you have and the more clicks they make, the more money you can make.

You have to believe me. This is the simplest way to earn money. If you guys still have doubt, Google the top bloggers and their income.

I am a new blogger. I started blogging only a month ago and I make $4.00 a week. I know that $4.00 is very little, but this is just the beginning. When I increase my followers, I can increase that to $4.00 an hour.


You can do this along with your 9-5 job. Just imagine, spending $3.00 a month to make around $10,000 a month. Interested people can direct message me on Instagram @chaitanya.ss. I will give you 60% off for creating your blog (which is around $3.00 per month).

I hope you all enjoyed that guest post. Check his blog Popcorngear.com.


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