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What does success mean to you?

The definition of success

If we google the definition of success, this is what comes up;

– the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

But when we hear success these days, what is the first thing that comes to mind? When we say “Yes he is successful” or “he’s made it”.. I feel like the first thing that always come to mind is money, or finance. It is not necessarily the case though, as defined above, success is just achieving a purpose, aim or goal that an individual might have. So what does success mean to you?

I do believe that money plays a big part in everyone’s success. Most ambitious people that set goals anyway find success when they have wealth. The problem is, majority of them are still so unhappy. Why is this?

What success means to me personally

To me, success is when I have the capacity to bless others around me. Yes, money can be one way, but also, it includes many others such as advise, mentoring, spiritual growth, etc. Basically I want to have the capacity and ability to make others around me happy. There is a greater joy in me when others are served. I guess that’s how God made me to be, and I wouldn’t ask any other way.

Success also needs to include the element of happiness. If you are not pursuing happiness in your success, there is a lack of meaning and fulfillment to your goals. I believe that truly successful people are happy people as well.

If you have traveled, especially in third world countries, it is apparent many are lacking in finance. But, they are the happiest people on earth. Does this mean they are unsuccessful? I don’t think so.

In fact, they are so successful and people should learn from them. They have the least amount of things, yet they still enjoy and are grateful for everything they have. Truly inspiring, and I would recommend for you to travel once in a while to have different perspectives on people, culture, lifestyles, etc.

Finding your own version of success

If you haven’t already, you need to have a goal. Don’t just set it to be rich or wealthy (the amount of people I come across that have this as their goal is insane). Add the element of happiness to it, and you’ll find much more fulfillment and joy in what you seek out to do.

Usually things that make you happy are your hobbies, interests and things you love to do. Incorporate them together, and you’ll be on one heck of a journey. Money can buy temporary happiness, but money cannot buy true happiness.

True happiness comes out of the joy in serving others, and doing the things you truly love. To give a couple examples, success could mean helping 10 friends lose weight, or starting your own business that you have been thinking for a while. I think for so many they only care about the end goal.. but success also comes from enjoying the journey. So ask yourself again, what does success mean to you?

“Success is not in what you have, but in who you are”- Bo Bennett

So I really encourage you to write up your own definition, create a goal out of it, and start taking action. We only live one life, don’t let any moment go to waste.


  • Success is subjective to each individual
  • Success does not only include finance and money, although it is implied most times
  • What success means to be – having the capacity to bless others around me and help them find happiness
  • Finding your own version of success – incorporate with the element of happiness
  • Money can buy temporary happiness, but money can not buy true happiness


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