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Book Review: Usain Bolt – Faster Than Lightning

The Fastest Man Alive

If there’s a type of book you should read, it’s autobiographies. You get to live the world through their eyes. This is the story of the fastest man alive.

You read where they come from, their struggles, their pursuit, their passions, and ultimately their success. Honestly, you will learn a lot reading autobiographies.

I was browsing for an auto bio to read and this one caught my eye. I do watch the Olympics and Commonwealth Games when it’s on and I definitely love watching the sprints. Those guys are amazing. Knowing who Usain was, I decided to give this one a shot.

Book Review: Usain Bolt – Faster Than Lightning

At first I thought, what am I going to learn from this book? Surely this man was blessed and born to be a runner. It was an easy life for him.

Oh how wrong I was. I don’t want to spoil it, but there were many things wrong with him that went against his favor, and many reasons for him to not pursue running. To give a small hint, one of it was his height.

While reading the book, I somehow began to feel for this man, the struggles he was going through, and sometimes we take for granted all these people (celebrities, athletes, influencers, etc) are only human like you and I.

I loved the book, and would recommend for you to read it. It’s very personal, and you get to understand why he does what he does. Where he gets his motivation from, what his attitude towards life was, how he pushed through his struggles, and ultimately how became the fastest man alive. Also, what it truly means to be ALIVE.

I have definitely learnt many things from this and I am glad to add this to my collection.

Quick summary on the book:

  • His origin story
  • How he started to run in the first place
  • Was this his only passion?
  • Struggles he went through
  • Friends and family, faith
  • Pushing through and finding your own path to success

Final thoughts:

This is a book I would recommend. These are my personal thoughts and what I’ve learnt from it without saying too much:

  1. What you can learn from Talent vs. Determination and hard work
  2. Why coaches/mentors make a big difference in your life
  3. Why you need people and friends who believe in you
  4. No matter what you do there are always some who will doubt you, its your choice to let it affect you or prove them wrong
  5. It’s all in the mindset
  6. What success means to each of us
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usain bolt, faster than lightning, book review

  • Book review of “Usain Bolt: Faster Than Lightning”
  • Learn the ropes from the G.O.A.T in running
  • Get personal into Usain’s life
  • Understand the struggles and lessons he has learnt himself
  • Understand how you can find your own success and what it should mean to you
  • Rating : 4.5/5

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