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Do What You Love vs. Love What You Do

The Questions is.. Do what you love? Or Love what you do?

I’m sure if you have spoken to many people, especially seniors or elders, they will encourage you to do what you love. And eventually, what you love can become your career or job/work. You’ll be able to monetize it.

Realistically speaking though, that is not the case. Most people who do what they love end up struggling with finances or find difficulties looking for a stable income/job. Many will say it’s not about the money, but let me tell you, that’s how the world works. You need money to survive. You can’t escape it.

Why Most People Fail

Let’s be real for a second. In any industry you want to get into – music, art, engineering, medical, etc, it’s all competition. You can’t expect to be the only one who wants to pursue something of that interest. And only very few, maybe 10% of people who do what they love are able to monetize and turn it into a career.

Many who pursue their path eventually give up, and stop completely. They end up working normal jobs. Jobs they don’t love, but keeps life going and enough to pay bills. You see, this is where this big misconception lies.

Why People Do What They Love

Ask yourself this question. If you are pursuing something – music, degrees, business, corporate jobs, what is your end goal? Everyone has their own end goals. And you’re doing it for that end goal. I wrote about this previously HERE, but it is your version of “success”. If you didn’t have an end goal of where you want to be, would you be doing it?

Here are a few examples (not saying this is what they should be but possible end goals):

  • You want to do business -> to have wealth and be successful down the track (rich)
  • You want to do music -> eventually become an popular artist and fans will pay to watch you perform
  • You want to travel the world -> become an entertainer, start your own travel Vlog/channel, and people are hooked into watching your adventures
  • You want to be a chef -> Eventually open your own restaurant, and people enjoy your food from all around the world, or locally

No matter what it is that you do, there is an end goal. Honestly if you’re doing something without a goal then it’s no surprise why you’re not getting to where you want to be.

The biggest problem? People are too fixated on the end goal.

Why You Should Love What You Do

Do you realize why after so many people have “made it”, they don’t seem happy or content with what they’ve achieved? It’s evident with people throughout history and now. They fall into depression, drugs, feel loneliness, etc.

As humans, we are constantly evolving and “hungry” for the next thing. Once we have reached our goal, there’s going to be a next one. And a next, and then another. It goes on until our time runs out. It’s in our DNA.

So why do we pursue something so hard (sometimes even if we hate it) only to achieve and find that “success” temporarily and then move on to the next? It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s the same as getting 7 days a week but people only look forward to the weekends (2 days). Shouldn’t we be enjoying every single day?

The shift we need to make and have a more fulfilling life, is to love what we do. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey. Once we make this shift, we will experience more meaning and fulfillment in the things we do. We start to appreciate every little thing, obstacles that come along the way, small bumps that push us back a little, but that’s the whole point. That’s what life is about.

If we enjoy the journey, the end goal will be a big bonus. So the next time you want to do something, make sure you love what you’re doing. Find meaning in it. If you don’t, then learn to. Change your perspective on things. Be honest with yourself. I can assure you it’s not impossible.

There’s a reason why the simplest people are the happiest. No magic formula. They simply appreciate and love the things that they do.

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Post summary

  • Do what you love vs. love what you do – which one is correct?
  • Why people fail in doing what they love – fail to monetize, competition too high, no passion
  • Why people pursue what they love ( what’s the end goal? )
  • Why you should love what you do – life is a journey, so we should enjoy every step of the way


3 thoughts on “Do What You Love vs. Love What You Do

  1. Interesting post and thanks for sharing!

    On your point about end goals and happiness… I think the biggest problem with end goals is that a) they are static and don’t change frequently enough, and b) they are the wrong end goals. Essentially, people don’t know themselves well enough to be able to define goals that will bring them happiness, joy and fulfilment. Our ongoing journey should shape our end goal.

    1. I completely agree with you. Our goals should and will always change depending on where we’re at in our current season.
      Thanks for Sharing Mike!

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