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5 Reasons Why Failure Is Good For You

Ah failure.. shame on you! Maybe it’s embarrassing to fail. You have probably disappointed your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself. There’s a negative vibe associated with the word. However, I’m going to help you with this. Let me tell you why failure is good for you.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas A. Edison

Stigma of failure

First of all, we all know there’s a negative stigma to failure. To begin, the definition of failure states – “Lack of success”. People associate failure with success. It’s the opposite of winning or achieving something. And let’s be honest here, no one really likes to lose.

Because of this, whenever we fail, we feel ashamed. It’s only natural. But what If I told you, that it is an absolute necessity to fail? That we can’t learn, gain new experiences and grow WITHOUT failure? So here are 5 reasons why failure is good for you.


1. Every failure is experience gained

I’m sure you’ve seen people around you – at work, school, friends, family, professionals, etc. You think to yourself “They’re so good at doing this”. Do you think it came to them easily? Without a hassle, without trying, and without failure?

People only get better at doing things from experience. Where do experiences come from? That’s right – FAILURE. So the next time you want to gain more experience in something, just do more. Fail more.

And trust me, those experiences you gain from failing will not be for nothing. Who knows, you might just have the “experience” to help someone else who might be going through the exact same thing you did.

2. Failure opens new window of opportunities

Life is a little funny. Sometimes when you fail, better things open up for you. It’s almost like failure itself is trying to redirect you to bigger and better things. Trust me on this one. You may not have gotten into that university/college course you wanted, you may not have landed that “dream” job, or you may have been rejected by someone.

Guess what? Keep pushing forwards, and you’ll find better things lying ahead. Don’t think that whenever you fail, all hope is lost for you. Sometimes the “failure” itself is just a way of telling you “This is not the right one for you, here’s something that is much better”. Keep this in mind, because the moment you give up from a failure, you fail to see better opportunities lying ahead.

3. Failure allows you to think differently and find new ways to do things

I guarantee you have at some point tried something, failed and found an alternative way of doing it. Without that failure, you will not expand your thinking to try different things or methods. That’s right, failure helps you challenge your thinking, knowledge and gain more wisdom. There’s no such thing as only ONE way of doing things, for the most part.

Most things that you do can be done differently, some maybe more effective than the other. Without failure, you will not gain the “experience”, and try another method. See how the point I mentioned above kind of adds up? Remember to keep this in mind too.

Maybe what you’re doing to land your dream job is not working. So learn from it, and try a different approach. It could even be the simplest of fixes until you overcome that failure.

4. Embrace failure because everyone fails

As much as it sucks to fail, everyone fails. There’s not a single person on earth that does not fail. So once you learn to embrace failure, you become more bold. You know that you’re not the only one failing. Chances are there are millions of people who have failed at the same things as you.

Once you understand this, you’ll likely take more risks. But that’s okay because you know that failure is necessary. It’s necessary to grow your character, gain experience and improve. It’s always better to have failed trying rather than not trying at all.

5. Failure is the ultimate recipe for success

Everyone wants to be successful, but no one wants to fail. That’s why there are only so many that are successful. Successful people you heard of or seen, those guys have overcome failure on so many levels. I guarantee you.

Here’s the thing though, you need to fail. But when people try something and fail, they immediately give up. “This is not for me”, “It’s too hard”, I’m sure you’ve heard those plenty of times.

But if you really want to achieve success, you need to have grit, determination, passion, and ultimately, overcome failure. There really is no other option. So remember the next time you fail, you’re only one step closer to your “success”.


– 5 Reasons why failure is good for you

  1. Every failure is experience gained
  2. Failure opens new window of opportunities
  3. Failure allows you to think differently and find new ways to do things
  4. Embrace failure because everyone fails
  5. Failure is the ultimate recipe for success

– Remember that failure is your best teacher. So, fail more often.

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