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3 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Is it possible to make money on Instagram?

Social media, how it has changed the world. A lot of people ask how it’s possible to make money on Instagram, so here I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can actually do so. I think the way people make income from decades ago and now have started to change and evolve. These days, you can monetize anything if you really wanted to.

How does Instagram pay you?

Let me be clear first, Instagram does not pay you in any way whatsoever. Instagram is a free-to-use platform and probably always will be. Think of Instagram as a tool to get paid. A free tool anyone can simply use and learn various ways to monetize it.

So here it is, 3 obvious but no so obvious ways you can actually be paid or monetize Instagram.

1. Sponsored Posts/Shout-outs

You see the bloom of so many influencers on Instagram. Why? Because these days, it’s all about social capital. How many followers you have, and how many people engage with your content. That alone is a free source of “traffic” or “target audience” the certain niche would have.

For example, you are a well known fashion and a lifestyle influencer. You have a following of roughly 100k. If I wanted to become a fashion and lifestyle influencer myself, it’s going to be hard to start. Where do I get followers from? How do I show people that I exist? How do I get infront of the competition out there?

One of the easiest ways, is to pay someone who is already successful in that niche. So If I were to pay you money to mention my name, or post about me, that’s one way I can get my name out there to thousands of people. On average, big influencers or pages charge roughly $200-$400 per sponsored post. Think about the possibilities.

2. Become An Affiliate / Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a brand or influence on a certain demographic/niche, you can then promote products around that market. Let’s say I am a well known travel photographer who captures stunning images around the world. Now, one thing I can do is to partner up with different companies who sell photography equipment, software, accessories, etc.

All I have to do is promote their products for them. Every sale I make from promoting their products, I get a percentage cut out of it. Say I promote a camera worth $3000, and I get 10% commission for every sale I make. If I were to make just 10 sales, that’s already $3000 worth of commission. So going by logic, the bigger following you have, the more money you’ll make.

3. Sell Your Own Products

If you have people following you and your content, why would they not buy from you? Especially the longer they follow, the more trust you build with them. Eventually, you’ll be able to create your own products and sell them, be it digital or physical products.

If you were in the fashion niche, and you start your own clothing brand, you would expect some people to want to buy from you. This is probably one of the best ways you can monetize your brand, because everyone is on Instagram these days. Especially for E-comm or physical related products, IG is your best bet.


So if you have an idea pending, or you want to start something of your own, get out there and do it! There hasn’t been a better chance than now. Monetizing and getting paid online has become so easy and accessible to everyone. To summarise it again, here are 3 ways you can make money on Instagram.

  1. Sponsored posts/shout-outs.
    People pay you for exposure in front of their desired audience.
  2. Affiliate Marketing
    Get paid selling other people’s products.
  3. Sell your own products
    Create your own products whether physical or digital, and sell to your audience!

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