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If you do not ask, the answer will always be no!

The rule is simple. Completing it is harder. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no! It is really simple yet we all struggle with this, including myself.


At my previous employer, we had a foosball table. It was great for team bonding. It gave me and my co-workers a positive distraction from our busy work schedules. I’ll be honest, I ended up creating bonds with other co-workers that probably would have not amounted to anything more if it were not for playing foosball.

As a result, when I started working for my current employer, after a few months, I suggested to the company to get a foosball table. I was not the only one who wanted one. Others had requested it but they got turned down. I was also told no.

Long story short, a few months back, management was open to changes. I gave my two cents once more and suggested the company getting a foosball table. I told co-workers about it and they were convinced it would be a good idea. A request was sent and to my enlightenment, it was accepted.

You have to see it to believe it

When I saw the foosball table arrive and get installed, that is when it sunk in. I was super excited and could not believe it. Of course there are restricted hours of use but I’m already seeing the bond amongst co-workers form. Those that I was close to have now become even closer.

A new co-worker started two weeks ago. He already knows the majority of us (the ones who play foosball) because he has been playing. It is truly great for bonding amongst colleagues.

Ask now

Whatever it is that you want, ask (in a polite way of course)! Sure you might get a “no” but if you do not ask, the answer will 100% be a “no”.

Maybe you need help building IKEA furniture you just bought. Ask someone for help. Maybe your local coffee shop does not offer soy milk. Ask them to carry it. Maybe you want to spend more time with your friends. Ask them when they are free. Do you get it? Do not be afraid. Just ask!


1. If you never ask, the answer will always be no;

2. You might not get what you want right away. That’s okay. Be patient and it might take some time before it happens;

3. If you’re the head of a company, a foosball table is a great idea for team bonding!

This is a guest post written by my good friend Emmanuel over at: http://everylittlebitcounts.net/
Manny writes about financial tips and advises, and everyday motivation. Be sure to check him out!

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