Book Reviews & Recommended Readings

How exactly do you learn a new skill?
  • New information?
  • New skillset?
  • New recipes for cooking?
  • The list goes on.

Learning can come in many different ways, such as practical experience, listening from others, failure, etc. But in my opinion one of the best ways to learn is through a book.

I strongly believe it is one of the easiest and quickest ways for anyone to learn real valuable information. In a way, it is the same as having a mentor. Imagine all their experiences, efforts, failures and research condensed in paper for you to absorb. Just like that.

It is a life hack. A shortcut. Stating the cost effectiveness of a book is an understatement. Imagine paying your mentor $20-$30 (Average price of a book) in order to obtain all their valuable information and life-long knowledge from them. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be reading and continuing to self educate, especially if you are looking into starting a business, a startup, a new skill, or whatever you are pursuing.

Personally, I never would’ve thought I’d be one to read. Growing up I avoided books, it was the death of me. I absolutely HATED reading. Oh boy have I never been so wrong (and st*pid). If going back in time was possible, I would slap my younger and rebellious self and forced him to start reading books. #Truth.

After I’ve decided to pursue my passion for business, books are now treasure to me. I’ve started to collect them and dare I say, I get absolutely ecstatic and thrilled when a new book arrives at my doorstep.

On this page I’m going to be sharing books I have read and am currently reading. I’ll do reviews and thoughts on books and you decide if the book is for you.

List of books:

Good To Great by Jim Collins

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook – Gary Vee

Usain Bolt – Faster Than Lightning